Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 8: Review of Uzbek Vocab for Test, Photos, Quick Video & Other Miscellania

Assalomu alaykum!

Day 4 of class today, wow, this program is speeding by. Time flies when you're having fun! Been enjoying myself here whether learning Uzbek or in breaks studying and chatting with friends. It's been great to get a taste of living on my own and sort of just "going with it" when it comes to plans or activities throughout the day.

Today's post is sort of a mashup of review material and just a couple photos, as I'm preparing for the first test of the course tomorrow and my current state of time/energy isn't really permitting for a big post. Lots of stuff coming this weekend with free time, including supermarket reviews, basic phrases, and more creative vocabulary and grammar practice.

To begin, here is the PDF to Chapter 2's run-through from yesterday for key points.

Continuing on, embedded below is vocab for Chapters 1 and 2 for the test tomorrow.

Next, here are some photos from today:

15 lb of white nectarines ripe and ready to go, gotta eat up! Bananas on their way
Board full of Uzbek sentence practice from our group work
At the Tempe Farmers Market right down the road for some quick items
Looking over sentences in class
Saw this written on the wall here at ASU, kinda cool, relates to my post at Brian on Health
I love ASU! Outside the library
Current location for my afternoon music walks :)
Last but not least, here is a quick clip from around class the other day:

That's it for today! Wish me success for tomorrow! See you soon.


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