Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 20: Uzbek Club! Videos, Photos, and Powerpoint Presentations

Assalomu alaykum!

Uzbek Club today! Here at the Critical Languages Institute each language group gets together for a fun evening of music, food, socializing, and practice to energize the language and culture in a real life setting. After class today we set up at the Hayden Hall lounge and kitchen for our event, preparing lots of Uzbek cuisine (and fruit!) as well as special presentations and videos on different sights around Uzbekistan. All to some awesome authentic Uzbek music, whether pop, rap, or traditional sounds.

Thank you to everyone for a fun night! Here are some photos and videos from the event. I also have embedded a PDF of my homework from this afternoon with some key dialogue and verb practice. Enjoy!

Cool presentation with the CIA during the noon break, on career opportunities with language and service
Hanging out at Uzbek Club
My fruit arrangement at the food table. I brought the grapes and oranges and honeydew, the peaches and watermelon were there :)
More fruit
Jaimee, Daniella, and Miriam. Love you guys! 
Matt, Ruth, and Liz
Keri and Skaidra
Hanging out
Watching students' presentations about Uzbek cities
Trying traditional Uzbek cuisine
Great pic, guys!
My presentation on Shahrisabz, a city in Uzbekistan
Uzbek dance party! Great music tonight, really authentic and catchy
My presentation:


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