Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 10: Relaxing Saturday in Tempe & Sunflower Market and Yoga Nirvana Review Videos

Assalomu alaykum!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Had a really relaxing and invigorating day today getting stuff done for the week and having a fun time also. Feeling a lot more familiar with the area and able to branch out and head to new locations. Weather is always great and so many interesting things to check out! Put together some videos today in lieu of usual blog info, see below.

First off, some food shopping for the week at the amazing Sunflower Market:

And also, great yoga practice today at Yoga Nirvana:

In addition, got some laundry done, talked to friends, walked around campus, and so on. Here are some more photos from today, and then tomorrow we get back to Uzbek stuff!

Walked over to the library to add $ to my Sun Card for laundry this morning
Took the FREE Orbit bus down to the Sunflower Market this morning
Shopping items: 25 lb white nectarine, 16 lb green grape, 25ish mangos, bunch of peaches, apricots, berries, etc
Champagne mangos, regular mangos, and a Hawaiian papaya
Donut peaches and apricots ripening
Found some delicious persimmons in the Safeway on the way to class
2.99 lb apriums at Safeway. Nice!
Inside the yoga studio. Best practice yet! Great teacher etc
Outside Yoga Nirvana. Definitely coming back
Really cool sky at dusk
Palm tree walkway here at ASU
Nighttime sky, raw photo


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