Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 19: More Uzbek Class Panoramas and Lots of Fun Photos

Assalomu alaykum!

Busy Monday! Got the week going with some good class stuff, finally digging into Uzbek verbs which will really help make the language more usable and exciting for us. Got some videos and pictures (see below) and also am preparing for Uzbek Club tomorrow here at CLI, where all the Uzbek classes get together for some culture, music, cuisine, and language practice here at the dorm. Other than that, a really awesome library visit today & some other goings on.

First off, here are two more quick panorama videos from class:

This one has a great example of spoken Uzbek from our multimedia disc:

Next, some photos:

Practice using and giving directions to and from various places on a map
The character in my textbook was curiously sporting an Evanescence t-shirt in the Daily Routine section, lol!
Uzbek verb synopses on the board
Uzbek som. Super cool! In this currency at this point, price #s are really high, so 1000 som is only around $0.30. Most people pay for things in the millions! Really interesting & my teacher generously gave me this for my foreign money collection. To me it's cool, but for him it's like giving someone a quarter :P
Chelsea writing sentences on the flip chat for practice :)
Intently working :P
Uzbek group work practicing sentences with key verbs
Speaks for itself :) Not as bad as one would expect though
Cool-looking Hindi literature in the ASU Hayden language section
New favorite book on comparative creole grammars. So up my alley it's scary
Library haul tonight! Proud nerd. Hey, they're free, and ASU has some great topics and tons of selection!
Cool! Tomorrow I will share some Uzbek flashcards and my presentation for Uzbek Club. Enjoy!



  1. Bring me to life. Lol. Evanescence.

  2. I also like the colloquial esperanto