Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 17: Food, Friends and Fun: Yoga and Fruit Get-Together with Ana

Assalomu alaykum!

Cool day today! Morning started off a bit rough with an early wakeup on a Saturday but we were out of class before long and got to see an Uzbek movie which was a cool experience. Wrote some letters to friends in the afternoon (on their way!) and then headed down to the 4pm Saturday yoga class that I enjoyed from last week at Yoga Nirvana to meet up with a friend.

Whenever I go somewhere around the US or really anywhere I like to connect online to see who's in the area who I might know from Facebook or just a common interest in health or fresh food. I have had some great experiences thus far just attracting interesting people into my life through putting out good vibes and standing in my truth and interests and today was another great reinforcement of that idea!

Met up with Ana Avila from Healthy Blossom, she's a health coach and raw food enthusiast from here in the Phoenix area and we had met through Nathaniel James on Facebook. Figured it would be fun to head to the market or meet up for a yoga practice and a picnic so that's what we did and it was a really fun time! Glad to meet up and talk to anyone and Ana is a really positive and friendly person.

Here are some videos from today:

And some photos:

Cool colored lights at the Memorial Union from the other night
Got a conjoined peach, lol! Local organic peaches from Tempe Marketplace
Cool flyer for CLI. Really great opportunities here
Back at Yoga Nirvana for the 4pm Saturday class. Really awesome practice today
Fruit feast for dinner with perfect ripeness and prices from Mekong Supermarket
Me and Ana at the market, heading back for a picnic 
Woohoo! Heaven on earth
Eerie Phoenix desert dust storm in the distance 
Beautiful shot of the library this morning
Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world. So juicy, sweet and just fun to look at
Are those clouds I see? In Arizona? :)

So there we have it! Talk more soon. Thanks for reading the blog.


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