Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 24: Fun Active Saturday, Fruit Shop, Workout, Yoga, etc

Assalomu alaykum!

Awesome Saturday! Woke up this morning and headed off with my dad from the hotel to do some food shopping and say goodbye until I get back. Had a great time seeing him and it worked out well with his business trip schedule to visit here in Phoenix. Got some awesome fruit at the Asian market and regular market, and then headed back to the dorm.

Was pretty active today: carrying heavy boxes in the fruit morning (kinda like weight training, with a purpose!), did 3 miles in the treadmill at the SRC, and then walked to and from the yoga studio and did an hour and a half very intense but very good practice there. Great post workout dinner of durian! :)

Tomorrow is "get things done" day so I will be posting more here in terms of resources and studying stuff. Enjoy having the Saturday to relax etc. I really love it here in Arizona, and besides missing parents/friends back home and a couple little home-ish things, I'm quite happy to stay here! I'd consider living here.

Some photos from today and yesterday:

(From the other day) got a quick easy haircut here on campus!
Cool shot of clouds and the fountain outside the Hilton this morning
Me next to Buddha outside the Asian market :P
Restocking durian at Mekong
Found Synergy kombucha at Sunflower! Didn't think they had it
Beautiful 60+ lb jackfruits at Mekong
I've had donut peaches, but donut white nectarines?! Awesome!
Clipping from the weekly flyer at Sunflower. Now you see why I like it so much!


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