Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2: Getting Acclimated Around ASU Campus, Drive to California

Assalomu alaykum!

Today was a really great day for getting acclimated to the area and settling in with a clearer picture of what my time in Tempe will be like. Had a great sleep after a long day of travel and started the day with some relaxing, computer time and delicious nectarines, and was ready to get started with fresh plans.

Headed out with my parents to get our bearings around the campus and visit McClintock Hall to pick up my key and cards to enter my dorm. Was very fortunate to be able to check in easily and found some helpful info and people (who know even what the CLI program was!) there.

Walked over to Hayden Hall and was really thrilled to see my dorm. Staying in a single which was totally a deal for the 7 weeks (this whole program is) and have lots of room to set up comfortably. Glad to be able to see where I'll be living and get that out of the realm of wonder or worry.

The dorms, buildings, plants, and general environment here are very interesting and designed well to complement the striking desert vista surrounding us. I love being able to see mountains in the distance and be in a place of such high air quality and great sunshine effortlessly conducive to good mood.

It's certainly hot though, no lie! High 100s today, sometimes up to 112, 113+ degrees. "It's a dry heat", but it takes its toll after a significant amount of time in the sun. Fortunately the shade offers welcomed solace, and there is no humidity for that oppressive feeling. But it is sure like being in a sauna all the time and gets very drying.

Anyway, bopped over to the student bookstore for some cool t-shirts and a lanyard for my ASU card, and then back to the hotel to head in the car for our outing of the day, to drive down to the border of Arizona/California for a look around and some cool pictures by state signs.

My mom and I are both on a mission to get pictures next to "Welcome to" signs of all the 50 states in the USA. Being here and having the opportunity to get these pictures in the album was really fun and I'm glad we did it. Now back at the hotel and settling down for the night yet ready for tomorrow to move in.

Here are some shots from today:
Palm trees line the walkways around campus
Cool shade sculpture things in main student union area
View from dorm outside hallway at courtyard and trees and cacti
Got my ASU sun card as an official student for the summer
Really cool cacti here!
Picture by the California state sign off the side of I-10 (I think)
Awesome Arizona welcome sign. Love that flag!
Went for another walk up to the top of Hayden preserve ("A" mountain) at sunset

Overall I am really loving the energy here. I like to be able to intuitively tell whether I like the vibes I am getting from an area in terms of safety, health, motivation, weather, aesthetics, and so on and Tempe really is awesome! More than excited to be here, be back with more soon.

Not entirely sure yet what I'll do yet for posting frequency but I am thinking that as I get set-up there is more to share, and then within the bulk of the program I'll post every few days or once weekly with a recap of activities and photos of note. Sounds like a plan, let's do this!


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