Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 12: Just Some Vocab, Music, and Uzbek Practice for Today

Assalomu alaykum!

Today was a bit more of a chill day with ups and downs as the week is getting started. Class was good and I was able to attend a presentation with the Armenian Consul General at 1pm today which was something you don't usually get to see. Also, got a fun letter from one of my good friends Denise Minger, which was such an awesome surprise. I love letters, I will be your best friend if you send me even a quick note!  By the way, you can write to me at:

The Critical Languages Institute
c/o Brian Greco
Coor Hall 4450,
P.O. Box 874202
975 S. Myrtle Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85287-4202

Other than that it was sort of a more introspective day. Missing home a bit and sort of collecting on my emotions and thoughts from the past few weeks and months even. It's all good though, a learning process that never stops and that's what keeps things interesting. So today is just a quick post with some vocab practice and some links to music videos and then a quick link to a PowerPoint presentation for homework in Uzbek class.

Here is the vocab for chapter 3, and chapter 4 is on its way:

For homework due today we had to prepare a presentation with 5 famous people of our choice and describe them. Here is my presentation in Uzbek, sort of fun:

Here are links for music videos we watched today in class:

And finally, just a few photos:

Denise drew me a this fab picture of a durian in her letter. Her handwriting is just like mine it's scary, lol
Grigor Hovhannissian, Consul General of the Republic of Armenia
Learning numbers today in class

Tomorrow I actually don't have any class so I will have more time to work on vocab and homework. I have a couple assignments to do and will be doing a bit of shopping if time allows. No class tomorrow as people from ROTC (Reserve Officer's Training Corps, military language program/scholarships/etc) are going on a trip and most people in my class will be gone, so actually we are postponed for Saturday, which doesn't thrill me, but it will work out. Until tomorrow!


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