Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 3: Move Into Dorm & Awesome Trip to Sedona Arizona!

Assalomu alaykum!

Today was another fun day on the road towards getting settled in in Arizona and seeing more around the area and throughout the state. Each check off the list for preparing for my stay helps me feel more excited and comfortable about participating in this great opportunity.

Started the morning with some more delicious peaches and nectarines and headed over to Target for some last minute items. Then drove over to Hayden Hall to move in the majority of my stuff and set up my bed and clothes and other items in the dorm. Liking where I'm staying, really nice and starting to feel more like home with my stuff inside.

After getting the dorm together we headed on for a drive up to Sedona in the northern part of Arizona. What a beautiful drive it is, so many great plants and cacti and views and skies and interesting little towns along the way. Stopped at two national monuments for stamps and new learnings about the culture and history of this area.

Sedona was one of the most stunning places I'd ever seen. Beautiful majestic red mountains and lots of cool artsy buildings and stores. Picked up dinner at New Frontiers Natural Foods which I saw on the road and remembered form seeing a video of Matt Monarch way back in the day when I first discovered raw foodism almost three years ago now.

It was really cool to visit a place like Sedona in real life from glimpses seen in pictures passing. Had a great picnic with my parents at a spot by the sunset and had a fun dinner featuring some kombucha, dates, dried figs, and great greens and coconut milk. Had some of my old favorites, was inspired for a walk down food memory lane when going to New Frontiers.

Target Tempe! Reliable as always
Fruit and fridge area in dorm
My bed for the next 7 weeks. Simple and comfortable! Now for decorations...
Really cool saguaro cactuses on the road, of amazing shapes and sizes. Totally Arizona-y
At Tuzigoot National Monument atop the pueblo overlooking amazing mountain views
With mom at the Montzeuma National Monument with a pueblo built into the rock behind us
Quintessential pic of Sedona. Love it
At the front of New Frontiers natural supermarket. Kinda like Whole Foods
Decided to have some of these delicious juicy California dates for dinner tonight, hadn't had them in a while
Goofy little raw food recipe things at New Frontiers. When I used to eat these you had to order them online! :P
Picnic dinner alongside the road at a sunset spot in Sedona with my parents
Walk down memory lane with kombucha... Really tasty and great with chia seeds!
Beautiful Sedona moon in the distance next to the red rocks and trees
I love Arizona!

Overall was a really fun day again and am looking forward to finalizing my move in tomorrow and getting started with classes this week. My parents will be heading out tomorrow morning and I'll be off for the new 2 months! Just gotta get fruit deliveries set up tomorrow from Safeway and check off a few more items. Talk soon!


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