Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 6: Uzbek Class Continues! New Vocab, Resources & Ideas

Assalomu alaykum!

Continuing on with a second great day of classes and getting to know people/places around here. Been enjoying talking to new friends who are also into languages and many other cool things and are excited about being here and moving forward with a new way of thinking. Had some nice chats and saw a presentation on language learning in addition to regular Uzbek class activities and new learnings.

Lots of multimedia to share today, so I'll let that speak for itself:

Notes on the board this morning: adjectives and personal ending constructions for inherent Turkic "to be" verbs
Snapshot of a classroom phrase sheet (super helpful) and my textbook this morning
Going over small stories/paragraphs of sentences using out vocab words with our teacher
Some of the students from our Elementary Uzbek class, looking over the sentences

More shots of our work today in groups on the big presentation paper
Reviewing personal endings to hang up along the wall for easy reference
Exploring the campus with a nice walk and music in the afternoon :)
On the way back from work at the library (see below) and taking in the beautiful nighttime views of my current location
Vocab words are a huge goal for me to work on mastering during this program. Without vocab, you can know all the grammar you want, but making sentences is choppy, unnatural, and disappointing. To make use of the tools of the day and have an easy place to document my learning and review to retain, I have set up an account for UzbekBrian at Quizlet, which is a free flashcard application online. Here is my profile: https://quizlet.com/UzbekBrian

Here are the sections I created tonight while working in the library:

Last but not least, here is a quick talky blog I recorded on the way back to my dorm tonight. Just sharing my gratefulness & inspired/inspiring-ations and thoughts on being here thus far.

Some things to look out for in future posts: * Run throughs of Uzbek textbook lessons * More vocab review pieces and class resources * More photos of everyday life here in AZ * Reviews of local supermarkets and markets * How I found and joined this program * Fun and random story-based posts Until next time! Thank you for reading, please like/share/comment/subscribe at your right. :) Xayr, Brian

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