Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 30: Uzbek Music Club! Video Singing "Kerak Emas" & Uzbek Week 4 Program Reflection

Assalomu alaykum!

Busy and fun day today! In the morning we had our usual Friday quiz on this week's material. Today's quiz went well and incorporated a lot of the new adjectives and descriptive items as applied to a creative expository writing piece about America and the different kinds of people and activities in this great country.

Went to a great presentation at 1pm by a friend named Jaimee (studying Tajik, who starred in this video from Uzbek Club) that shared some really interesting insight on connections between art, Islam, Russian culture, language, and more. It was called “Bolshevik Brother or Islamic Other? Representations of Muslims in Early Soviet Posters, 1917-1930”.

Some more regular class in the afternoon and then advanced Uzbek student Anna shared a cool presentation on Uzbek, Russian, and Japanese transportation systems (featuring their taxis, metros, and trains respectively). Great to get more practice listening to Uzbek. After that, a fun Uzbek game called "Besh Tosh" (video below explains it all).

Later in the evening got together with all the Uzbek students for a casual Music Club, practicing singing a well known favorite we have been listening to in class called "Kerak Emas". Video for that is below. Great time tonight, fun chats and laughs and good to hear some more Uzbek music as always. Check out the media for today below, and see you tomorrow for shopping at Sunflower!

First off, here's my Week 4 reflection video:

Next, clip of "Besh Tosh" this afternoon:

And of course, collection of clips from Music Club tonight:

And last but not least, today's photos:

This morning's workstation :P
Cool obtuse lime-like citrus growing outside Coor Hall here at ASU
Jaimee at her presentation
Nicole and Skaidra are experts already at Besh Tosh!
Learning from Saodat Opa
Started the Cyrillic alphabet this afternoon!
Singing at Music Club
Performance of Kerak Emas :P
Kerak Emas lyrics
Thank you Nick for your awesome music tonight !!
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