Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 5: CLI Program Orientation & First Day of Uzbek Classes

Assalomu alaykum!

Today was my first day with Uzbek classes here at the Critical Languages Institute at ASU. This entire Arizona experience thus far has been overwhelmingly pleasant and positive and today's events were no exception.

Got up early to be ready for our morning orientation with all CLI students down at the Languages and Literature building. Had a nice presentation with the program directors and introduction of the teachers and what we can expect as far as coursework and homework.

I'm really looking forward to learning Uzbek in general. Beyond even what else I might experience here in Arizona, purely learning the language is something I get extremely excited about and I'm so happy everything could work out with getting here and participating in the course.

I remember looking at the CLI website in passing a couple summers ago and early last year as well and thinking: I would love to do that, I wonder if I could. And here I am! So it's really great to be beginning classes.

My class: There are I think 8 or 9 other people in my Elementary Uzbek 1 group if I'm not mistaken. Really nice people and lots of different reasons for coming to study the language, ranging from military service, to job or studies, to language class credits, to just personal interest like myself.

My textbook: The course is designed around Georgetown University's Uzbek: An Elementary Textbook and it looks like a very nice layout with thematic lessons and lots of cultural and exercise information. A bit graphics-heavy and grammar-light for my intense tastes, but I'll be fine. :) We have a nice syllabus set up and I'll be learning a lot of vocab for various situations.

Here are some photos from around the campus today. I'm hoping to get a class photo, photo with my teacher, and photos with some of the cool people I've met today in coming posts. You know me with the photos, I love to document things!

Ready for my first day of class! On the walk to the Languages building
Morning orientation presentation with pictures and information
Cool shot of a lovely sunny day and view around the area
The ASU sign out for a walk to explore campus
The sign outside my classroom. Too cool!
Ready to review Uzbek vocab by the student union with a classmate

We had the chance to watch some catchy and interesting Uzbek music videos in class from various artists either as we were moving through vocabulary or during partner work as background. Here are the links we used (for easy reference for anyone in my class or just for fun for anyone stopping by the blog back at home):

Cool, hey? I love having some good songs to be the soundtrack to my language camps and learning experiences. Many good memories from Chinese camp etc. Listening to music is a lighthearted, authentic, and fun way to familiarize oneself with the sounds and cadence of a language.

Super looking forward to what's to come. Only the first day! Had some great chats and met some really nice people today (shout out to all of you!). Excited for class tomorrow and will keep you posted.


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