Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 32: Uzbek Cyrillic Alphabet Chart and Mac OS X Keyboard Layout

Assalomu alaykum!

Wanted to pass on a few resources today relating to the Uzbek Cyrillic alphabet, which the Uzbek language still uses to some degree from past influence by Russian. Although the Latin alphabet which we use is now preferred, it is still important for Uzbek learners to familiarize themselves with this system of writing in their studies.

Below is a very nice PDF of Uzbek orthography from IU, linked here also:

Next is a really nice resource that my friend and classmate Nick here studying Uzbek at ASU put together that he invited me to share on the blog. An Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard layout! Very helpful for typing purposes and designed specifically for Uzbek Cyrillic and laid out phonetically for easy finding via the sounds we are familiar with on QWERTY.

You can download the ".keylayout" file here.

Here are the instructions he included for installation:

Beginning with version 10.2 (Jaguar), Mac OS X supports an XML-based format for keyboard layouts (.keylayout files). These may be installed by copying them to the Keyboard Layoutsfolder within /Library or ~/Library; then they are enabled via the Input Sources (Input in 10.5 and earlier) tab of the Language & Text (International in 10.5 and earlier) module within System Preferences.

A screenshot of the layout's uppercase and lowercase, very cool:

This week we will be spending time practicing both the cursive and print Cyrillic alphabet. I've familiarized myself with it in passing before, but have never really been to fond of it and hence too familiar with it either as far as reading fluency. Until next time!


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