Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 47: Awesome Views, Friends & Food Finds Around Phoenix! Ranch Market & More

Assalomu alaykum!

Awesome awesome day today! Last Monday here in Arizona and wanted to continue my quest to make the best of my time here while it lasts and hang out with friends, check out the area, etc. Had regular class in the morning, working on finishing up key lesson items so we can review for the final on Friday. Busy busy with computer work, emails, tying up loose ends, etc.

Hung out with my friends David and Nadia in the afternoon who are studying Russian. Did a fun spontaneous interview (my favorite thing to do) here if you want to check it out. Photos below too. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for your fun company!

Then after class headed out on an excursion with Skaidra from class to check out two local markets as well as some other sights around the Phoenix area. I'm telling you, I love this place! Not only is the food and weather good, I just love the feel of it. The views from the roads of mountains and endless skies with pretty good air quality and sunshine is just so empowering and beautiful. And this is totally sunset country. Really great time, thank you so much for your friendship Skaidra.

Check out all the photos and videos below. Enjoy!

David and Nadia outside the library. Great photo!
Us three
Visiting some beautiful Black Sphinx date palms in Arcadia. Check out the video (turn up the volume, sorry for the blurry sound. Great story behind these though!):

Beautiful palms! Dates not ripe yet, but would be so delicious for this variety
Would be so cool to have these as the neighborhood trees :)
Me and Skaidra 
The destination Asian market in the Phoenix area (besides Mekong!)
Ranch Market #2... too funny they both have that in their name
AMAZING price on limes. Shout out to my dad who loves limes. You can't get them cheaper unless you basically have a lime tree in your yard!
Delicious fruit for my last week in Phoenix.
Thanks for reading. Talk soon.


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