Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 40: Breaking into the Uzbek Modality System! Practicing "I Can ___" with +a Olmoq & More

Assalomu alaykum!

Grammar time! In class today we are breaking into the system of modal verbs (expressing desire, necessity, ability, and so on) which is highly rich in the Turkic languages and is very exciting as far as being able to make more realistic and complex sentences. For today's post I will share some of my homework as well as a key resource I've tracked down that I am enjoying. Later posts will have more explanation as to how to use these functions in Uzbek.

First off, cool news: I am officially designing a layout for an introductory Uzbek textbook to be published at my website by the end of next year. More on this soon!

Next, here is my homework from this afternoon, describing different abilities:

Next, here is my homework for tomorrow, which is sort of a practice letter for a job application, written in the first person by a made-up character who is looking to work for a translation company. Useful setup for practicing things like "I can speak ___ languages", "I can work well with computers", etc:

And to link you to my new favorite PDF ever: Uzbek Tense/Aspect/Modality System from Thank you so much for this resource!

Here is a sample image visually tabulating Uzbek tense (click to enlarge):

Again, more on this soon!

And last but not least, some photos for today:

Working on homework
The Coor building, on the way to Persian Club
First Year Tajiki students singing at Persian Club
Eddie giving some poetry recitations in full Persian garb! Great job tonight!
See you tomorrow!


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