Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 33: Uzbek Homework Practice about Famous People (Plus, Featured on Reddit!)

Assalomu alaykum!

Busy day today! Good start to the week with a new chapter. Continuing on through the textbook and really starting to amass some good vocabulary for making writing and speaking more interesting. Had a fun day talking with friends also, enjoying the company of the people here as well as keeping in touch with online friends (and hearing about my sister and mom who are in Spain at the Alhambra today, cool!).

For today's post, our homework assignment on famous people. We are learning definite past tense verbs (both transitive and state of being) so that makes story-telling a lot more authentic and natural sounding. Featuring none other than Anderson Cooper, Hilary Duff, and Doctor Oz, three more of my favorite famous people, also available here for viewing:

Also, two cool screenshots for today. First off, got featured on Reddit, a hugely popular link and internet media sharing website (my website was under the /languagelearning category). So the second picture is viewing stats for the day. Lots of hits coming in from Reddit, awesome! Excited to have more readers. Thanks guys! (Click to enlarge photos.)

Ertagacha xayr - See you tomorrow!


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