Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 39: Uzbek Menu! Brianning Restorani (Brian's Restaurant)

Assalomu alaykum!

It's Sunday! For today's post I'd like to share a homework piece I did for tomorrow's class. Behold, my Uzbek menu! We were assigned to make a menu in Uzbek to go along with our unit on food and restaurants. Mine has a bit of a spin! Needed to practice regular cuisine vocabulary so I made it a vegetarian restaurant, didn't want the likes of mutton and horse on the menu. :)

But fret not, the entire bottom section is for fruit eaters like myself. 1/2 kilo of your choice of fruit at an awesome price! Currency is the Uzbek so'm (UZS), and as the cost of living is so cheap in Uzbekistan, nothing on this menu would even come out to more than $4. Check it out below or here in PDF format at Google Docs. Click to enlarge.

Welcome to our restaurant! Please come in!
Brian's Restaurant has only the most delicious vegetarian dishes.
For fruitarians we also have a ton of sweet and fresh fruits to choose from.

DISHES: For a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner
Meatless Pilaf (rice dish) - breakfast, 2000 so'm / lunch or dinner, 2500 so'm
Meatless Somsa (savory pastry) - 4, 1000 so'm / 8, 1800 so'm
Vegetable Soup - small bowl, 1500 so'm / large bowl, 2000 so'm
Vegetable Kabob - 4 kabobs, 1500 so'm / 8 kabobs, 2200 so'm
Vegetable Pasta - medium platter, 2500 so'm
Vegetarian Pizza - for 1-2 people, 3200 so'm
Eggs and Vegetables - 4 eggs, 2300 so'm
Vegetarian Salad - small platter, 2200 so'm / large platter 3000 so'm
Grapes and Bread - for 2 people, 2000 so'm / for a big group, 3000 so'm

FRUIT: we have only the best and sweetest fruit! 1/2 kilo: 2000 so'm
Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Grapes, Watermelon, Strawberries, Pears, Apples, Figs, Persimmons, Oranges, Quince, Pomegranates, Cherries

DRINKS: regular water (non-carbonated), mineral water, juice, tea, coffee

Thank you for coming!


And then some photos around campus:

Outside Hayden Library. Look at that sky!
View from my dorm

See you tomorrow!


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